If you're from the South, you get it. We are a different kind of culture than the rest of the country. Not saying we are better (we are) but simply saying our way of life is unique. Urban Dictionary is an internet site that allows its users to define the contents of the site. In other words, Urban Dictionary offers some very irreverent definitions of words, sayings, phrases, people, and places.

A word of caution: some of these words and phrases and their definitions could make a sailor blush, and your company internet filter notify human resources. If you dig too deep you might find yourself catching the vapors. Just be careful what you look for.

Still, I thought it might be fun to see what Urban Dictionary users had to say about Louisiana and some of our neighbors here in the glorious southern United States.

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    I am going to be rather biased about the state I call home. I love Louisiana. We are imperfect, and we embrace that fact. We make up for where we're not perfect by having one heck of a good time. Here is part of the Urban Dictionary definition of Louisiana: We're as deep south as they come and we have the funniest accent you've ever heard, but you love it. Now there is a lot more to this definition, and most of it is stuff I agree with. However, they did forget the U.L. Ragin' Cajuns but they did get the crawfish part correct.

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    When I think of Arkansas, I think of people who love ugly pigs and wear plastic pig hats, but enough about an Arkansas wedding. Arkansas is a beautiful state. There are mountains and mountain streams. There are scenic vistas and Walmart. They really like the Clintons there, too. Here's part of what Urban Dictionary has to say about Arkansas: its a beautiful state.and they do where shoes. They obviously don't know "where" to "wear" the shoes they "where". Suddenly, I feel even more superior.

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    Mississippi is where I was born. It was a great place to grow up. It was an even better place to grow up and leave. I do love my home state and I feel like I can make jokes because I'm from there. However, if you're from Arkansas or Alabama, then you better just hush yourself. Here is part of what Urban Dictionary has to say about MississippiM dotted letter crooked letter crooked letter dotted letter crooked letter crooked letter dotted letter hump back hump back dotted letter. I have to admit I can't spell the word, the state, or the river without singing.

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    For folks in Louisiana, Alabama is an awful place that fosters cheating in college football. We also like to spend our summer vacation on the beaches there. The people are friendly unless it's at a football game. Here's part of what Urban Dictionary has to say about AlabamaThe State without Car Inspections. That pretty much sums up half the parking lot at the Flora-bama lounge. The other half is from Louisiana. We're the ones with the duct tape holding the side mirrors in place.

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    It's like a whole other country over in Texas. They say everything is bigger in Texas. They usually highlight the good things as being bigger but the bad things are bigger, too. Texas does have a lot of different landscapes from the piney woods and Big Bend area. There is also the Hill Country that is extremely beautiful when the wildflowers are in bloom. There are also the six million miles of hell between Abilene and El Paso. I hope you packed a snack if you're driving. Here's part of what Urban Dictionary has to say about Texas: We Dont all walk around with cowboy hats and boots, and we're all not rednecks....for that...see Oklahoma. I lived in Oklahoma for six months. I agree with this definition. It's spot on.

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    The state of Tennessee is like that easy piece in Tetris. It's long, it's lean, and it's got music in Memphis and Nashville and mountains off to the east. It's a great getaway state. Whether you like the blues, country, bluegrass, or Dolly Parton, Tennessee has a lot going on. Here's what Urban Dictionary has to say about the Volunteer State: Toast is unnatural. Eat biscuits like God meant you to. I totally agree with that philosophy, too. I like to think of Tennessee as a giant undercooked string bean. There is no particular reason. I just like to think that.