After a huge success in December of 2019, USA Boxing is coming back to the Lake Charles Civic Center this year. Last year was the first time the event has been held in Lake Charles, and there were other, larger cities on the list for it to go to such as Dallas, Texas.

Now, boxing is coming back to Lake Charles for its second year. The tournament last year was monumental not only because it was the national finals, but it was also the boxing trials for the 2020 U.S. Olympics. The tournament was a big win for the city of Lake Charles in 2019 due to the massive amount of visitors coming in from out of state. Over 1,000 boxers entered the four rings in the Civic Center during the 2019 tournaments, and they reflected back into the city. The finals for the event were also held inside the Golden Nugget Casino in Lake Charles, featuring big name stars from the world of boxing.

The hotel needs alone for the boxers, family, and crews surpassed even the needs for the national softball tournaments, and brought in an estimated $2 million in revenue to the area during its two-week stint in the city.

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