Ah, weddings. A time for family, celebrating, laughing, crying, and the occasional prank. Modern weddings sometimes forgo older traditions of "pre-wedding" activities. For instance, the old saying that you shouldn't see the bride before the wedding. By following along those lines, that means all of the pictures of the newly married couple have to be after the ceremony takes place. Most of the time that's not a huge ordeal, but you also have to do family pictures, bridal party pictures, and then pictures of the bride and groom. The downside to this is that it takes time and keeps the bride and groom from getting to the reception to celebrate with their guests. Therefore, we get the more modern tradition of the "first look".

Abshire Films, Baton Rouge
Abshire Films, Baton Rouge

The first look involves the bride and groom by themselves with the photographer and videographer. It's to capture that special moment of the happy couple seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day, but more privately and more intimate. It allows them to talk for a few minutes and get all the tears of joy out as well. This also means you get to save time after the ceremony and get to the party. Usually, the groom stands with his back turned away from where the bride is entering. The bride enters the area and makes for some very special pictures as the tension builds to the actual reveal of the groom's future wife. The groom flips around to see his bride, and it is just one of the most beautiful things to see as they react to each other before their special day really begins. Sometimes, however, there's a little joke that involves the groomsmen. Personally, I have seen some go as far as putting on a wedding dress and doing an entire photoshoot with the groom's back turned as the "bride" touches and feels on the groom. It's absolutely hilarious.

Here's where we get to the Lemoine wedding in Baton Rouge. The wedding video was beautifully shot by Abshire Films at the Capital Park Museum in Baton Rouge. As they set the groom up for his first look at his soon-to-be wife, a groomsman became the stand-in for the bride. Except for this time, said groomsman was not wearing a dress. It appears he opted for the speedo/jorts combo. Scandalous! As the groom flips around, everyone busts out laughing and the groom takes a minute to take a Snapchat of the situation. Don't worry, he did finally get to see his bride. The entire wedding looked absolutely EPIC and I am a little jealous I wasn't invited. Congrats to the Lemoines and their amazing wedding!

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