I ran across this Facebook post by a lady that rented out an Air Bnb to a customer. That is about as normal of a statement you will read from here on out. The rest sounds like some sort of summer movie as it unfolds.

Over the weekend, the owner, luckily, gets a call from the neighbor that there was a party going on at the woman's Air Bnb. The agreement of the rental says no parties, but the renter figured maybe it was just a bit of noise and loud music. She decided to go run by and talk to them. This is when the needle rips off of the record and the Hollywood Blockbuster movie takes place. I have sat and watched these videos numerous times and each time I really do feel like these are just bits and pieces of a real movie.

There were cars parked all up and down the street. The owner said she found a stripper pole installed on the carport. There is a video of a group of them throwing a toilet off of the roof of the house. There were even reports of the minors throwing themselves off of the roof of the house as well. She found drugs in and out of the house after it was cleared by police and tons of alcohol.

According to the owner, the property was indeed rented by an "adult" but the rest of the uninvited guests were considerably much younger. They were all run off of the property by the police, but now the owner is stuck with the extreme clean-up of her property inside and out. Not to mention all of the repairs she now must do and replace at least one toilet if not more appliances.

Although Air BNB does help a renter a bit with their "Host Guarantee" some renters find it a bit hard to deal with trying to get reimbursement from the online company while trying to repair damages to their rental property. That then falls back on the renter and their property insurance to handle the repairs. We know how fun of a process that is.


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