Over the weekend, things got a little heated with some shoppers in the Prien Lake Mall. It happened near Zales at a pop up kiosk. As the video starts, the clash is already happening. There's really not too much context to go on, but at one point the discussion of a broken necklace happens.

In a video posted by Vivian Deana, shirts come off, chairs get thrown, lots of words are said. Mall security, well, they're there somewhere. As we get closer and closer to Christmas, more and more people will be out and about doing last minute Christmas shopping. Tensions will be extremely high. People are going to be in horrendous moods. Try and remember the meaning of Christmas and take some deep breaths. Nothing is worth fighting over, and nothing in the world of retail is worth going to jail over.

Caution to little ears, a few words are said of the adult variety.

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