The Baton Rouge-based chicken finger store is no stranger to using now-former LSU head coach's face on their billboards to advertise. He was plastered all over the city. After the announcement that Coach O and LSU would be parting ways, it seems within 24 hours that the giant billboards were being taken down.

Seems a bit suspicious how they had so much love for the coach and are now dumping all connections with him. However, things aren't always what they seem.

Canes founder Todd Graves fired back with an explanation about the billboards coming down about the soon-to-be former coach.

Still seems a bit fishy, but I have personally dealt with some billboard companies back in my days, and it does take a few days after the contract does end in order for the crews to go out and remove the signage that was put up. After that was settled, Graves tweeted out another announcement and shared what was going to replace the "Coach Eaux" ads.

Graves replied on Twitter along with the new graphic that this would be the new ad to replace the other ones.

We are actually working with our friends at Lamar to post these thank you messages this week.

Well, there you have it. The chicken man has spoken and proved that they aren't just turning their back on Orgeron completely. Now, when can we adress the ridiculous line that stops traffic on Ryan Street in Lake Charles?


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