Does anyone really still buy CDs any more? Apparently, they do at Walmart. The chain does still sell the old fashioned way to get music and media, but I just figured they were full of old Batman soundtracks and Thomas the Train DVDs. The placement of these items on the shelf is done by hand, and people make mistakes.

Wallen's newest album, Dangerous, was set to debut in just a few days, January 8, but a few copies were snatched up off of the Walmart shelves as early as last night, according to Wallen. He's not very happy about this whole situation. He mentioned how he has been working on his newest record for three years and yet somehow, it has begun to leak.

Toward the end of his video on Instagram, he noted that he doesn't even shop at Walmart to begin with, and tagged Target in his post saying that fans can go buy it there instead. After his rant on Instagram, Wallen decided that if his hard work was going to get leaked, it would be by him. He followed up on that statement by posting two tracks to his TikTok account as a leak and tease for what fans can expect this coming Friday.

I personally am not a giant fan of Wallen. I like a few of his songs, but just can't really get into his voice or style. I do believe if you're gonna call out a giant like Walmart, that album you worked so hard on for three years better be able to stand up on its own after the dust settles. With that statement, I am still not convinced that most of the world still buys CDs at this point. I don't even own a CD player anymore, for that matter.

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