Yesterday, we talked about how Morgan Wallen was trolling Walmart about their premature release of his new album, Dangerous. The album is three years in the making and was set to release this Friday, but some human error at various Walmart stores across the country meant the album actually got placed on the shelves of the giant retailer this past Monday. Wallen found out and took to Instagram to voice his opinion on the situation. He also told his fans to buy the album from Target instead.

Walmart has finally released a statement about the incident. A representative of Walmart told the Rolling Stone they are sorry for the incident and they are doing their best to remove all of the copies from their shelves until the actual release date. The representative also told Rolling Stone they do have protocols in place to prevent such a thing.

Wallen decided he was going to go ahead and leak a few songs from the album on his personal TikTok. Walmart will have a special release of the album in vinyl while Target will have their own version, as well. It still makes me wonder who in the world still buys CDs in a store these days? The vinyl I can understand, but to actually go to a store for a CD just doesn't make that much sense to me these days.

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