The best Christmas story is one that has a miracle and a happy ending! In Bryon, New York, a young boy named Carter had a best friend a kid could have asked for. Piper came into Carters life on his 12th birthday as a surprise from his mom, and his reaction did not disappoint. Carter instantly bonded with Piper who quickly became “the love of his life.”

Around Thanksgiving, the family let the little black pug out to use the bathroom and he went missing from their yard. Everyone was devastated including Carter who felt like his brother had left and was not coming back.

I can relate to this story, since my childhood best friend went missing as well. I remember I was so broken all I could do was walk around the neighborhood in the cold and rain yelling my dogs name till I felt as lost as him. I had lost my mom when I was thirteen and my mom got me this dog when i was a little girl. He really was my best friend. We did everything together.

April received a phone call from the Genesee County Animal Shelter; someone found Piper and he was now in safe hands at the shelter. April surprised Carter with Piper again, this time picking him up from school. Watch the video of their reunion here. Oh and yeah, try not to cry!

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