We all know that I-10 in Lake Charles is one busy highway. I-10 is a main interstate in the United States. It runs from Los Angeles, California all the way to Jacksonville, Florida. That is a long way y'all.

On a daily basis, thousands of cars, trucks, SUVs, and big rigs rolling through our area. We all also know about the wrecks we have in the area and we all know the hot spots. You know like the curve on I-10 at Opelousas Street or anywhere on the I-10 bridge.

It's bad enough that we have tons of traffic in the area but when you have to deal with obstacles, it really gets dicey on the road. We all know when you're driving down the road and you almost run over a random piece of an 18-wheeler tire or a piece of wood in the roadway.

Lake Charles city limits sign, LA.
Scott Lewis

But have you ever been rolling down the highway only to see a random person crossing the busy interstate? How about them just taking a leisurely stroll across the road while talking on their cellphone? Well, that is exactly what happened here in Lake Charles.

We have a buddy who was driving down I-10 the other day and got on the interstate to head home. He was rolling down I-10 Westbound around the Enterprise Blvd area when out of the blue, this dude was just strolling across the roadway while talking on his cell phone without a care in the world.

Thank goodness my buddy was an aware driver and noticed him in time to give him time to cross the road. He caught it on his dash camera and posted it for us to share with you.

In the video, speed it up to the 2:00 minute mark and watch this cat almost become a spot in the road. Geez.

That was a close call huh? Boys and girls, here is your lesson for today. DON'T Walk on the interstate! You will become a speed bump quickly!

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