So last weekend one of the biggest festivals in Louisiana took place in Lake Charles.  It was the 28th annual Marshland Festival.  The two day event was full of great food and great entertainment.

On Friday night Grammy award winner Wayne Toups took the stage at 10:30 p.m. for an unbelievable performance.  Wayne was rocking the stage when he called up Grammy award winner and good friend Joel Sonnier to the stage.

Joel and Wayne then proceeded to play the classic Cajun song "Jolie Blon" which means "Pretty Blond" and is also known as the Cajun National Anthem live on stage.

Here is the video from that night!

What is crazy is that the two legendary artists have more more in common than you think.  Not only are the both winners of a Grammy award and play great Cajun music but they also share the same birthday.

Joel Sonnier and Wayne Toups both celebrate their birthday on October 2nd.  Joel was born in 1946 which makes him 70 while Wayne was born in 1958 and is 58 years old.

Joel Sonnier also recorded the song years ago which is the one version most people know.


If you were inside the Lake Charles Civic Center last Friday night then you saw a legendary performance and if not we are glad we could share it to you!

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