Back on October 30th, the Louisiana lottery conducted one of their regular drawings. After the drawing, the Louisiana lottery announced that one ticket that was sold in Lake Charles matched all six numbers for a jackpot of $1.3 million dollars.

When the announcement was made, the winner's name was not announced as they had not come forward to claim the prize. We now know the identity of the person who won the $1.3 million dollar jackpot in Lake Charles.

Newsy via YouTube
Newsy via YouTube

Mr. Terrell Joseph Sr. has come forward to claim his prize. Joseph won $1,322,298 with his ticket that he purchased at the More Four Less #15 on Ryan Street in Lake Charles, according to the Louisiana lottery.

Joseph matched all six numbers in the October 30th drawing to win the cash prize. if you are wondering what the numbers were, they were 11-16-18-22-32-35.

What you may not know is that the store that sells a lottery jackpot winning tickets also gets some money. Any lottery retailer who sells a ticket that scores big as the lottery gives them a 1% bonus of the total jackpot value.

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That means the owner of the More Four Less on Ryan Street in Lake Charles will receive $13,222.98 from the Louisiana Lottery.

No word from the winner yet on what he plans to do with the money but we are sure he will have a little less stress and live a little easier now.  Congrats Mr. Joseph.

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