I am the proud father of three high school graduates. I am proud because of the fact that so so many kids of the generation drop out. My secret is that I just never gave up on my oldest son who has a heart for the ministry. I just never gave up on my daughter serving this country in the Army Reserves. And I just never gave up on my youngest son who also has a heart for ministry.

My advice for the graduating Class of 2015 is this... you can make any dream come true, if you want to. Will it be easy? No. Will it take sacrifice? Absolutely! But if you want to make your dream come true then go do it.

How about you, Gator Country?

Marci... Don't move out of parents just yet.

Sarah... That true knowledge isn't something you pay for

Paula... Go to college. No drugs and alcohol.

Justine... Lordy.... Maybe to put their phones down and explore the world... To be the best they can be... Even if it's a janitor be the best darn janitor out there! Go forth and conquer!!!

Heather... Use sunscreen

Edward... Don't get involved in a relationship! Concentrate on getting a good career going. Volunteer and help.


Tabitha Ann... Start a savings account and never touch it. Then pay cashf for ypour dream home....car....vacation...etc. maybe not for all of it but a good chunk.
Stay away flrom credit cards and moiching friends! Lol

Christy... Lazy man/woman works twice as hard...do the job right no matter what it is and show pride in what you do.
My favorite mantra from Gandhi "Be the change you wish to see in the world."