Doesn't every town have a 1st Street?  You would think so, but the numbers don't add up.  The Washington Post actually compiled a list of every street in America, and found that there are really only a limited number of names for them. There's a Park Street or a Park Avenue or a Park Boulevard in just about every town.

But the weirdest thing you find is that numbered streets aren't uniform.  For instance, the Post says there are 8,232 2nd Streets across American towns and cities.  But there are only 8,151 1st Streets.  That means 81 cities across the country have a 2nd Street but no 1st Street.  That is messed up, yo.

Here's the list of the Top 10 most popular street names in America:

  • Park: 9,640 cities
  • 2nd / Second: 82,32
  • Oak: 8,191
  • 1st / First: 8,151
  • 3rd / Third: 7,748
  • Maple: 7,608
  • Pine: 7,013
  • 4th / Fourth: 6,914
  • Cedar: 6,805
  • Main: 6,472

But when you get to Louisiana, things change up a bit.  Here's Louisiana's Top 10.  It should be noted that Lake Charles has every one of these. In some cases, we have several -- like Magnolia Street, Magnolia Lane and Magnolia Drive. (And Magnolia Ridge Drive.)

  • Magnolia: 175
  • Oak: 174
  • 3rd / Third: 155
  • 2nd / Second: 153
  • Pine: 153
  • Main: 144
  • 6th / Sixth: 143
  • Park: 143
  • Cypress: 138
  • 1st / First: 135

Here in Louisiana, the numbered streets are even weirder. There are 18 towns and cities that have a 2nd Street but no 1st Street. Wow.