I asked Gator Country to share what their neighbor does that drives them absolutely bananas. Here is some of their interesting feedback. Enjoy.

Donna... She won't clean her nasty yard.

Josh... Gets on the radio in the morning.

David... She lets her kids play in the street with no supervision. 3 and 5 year olds. She lets them cuss and be disrespectful to adults. Well she is pretty disrespectful herself. And her carport and yard looks like Fred Sanford lives there.

Natalie...  Breaks into my house.

Sue... Mows the lawn when I'm trying to enjoy a nice cup of coffee on my patio in SILENCE.

Lise... Their damn ankle biting chihuahuas barking all hours of the day and night, drives me nuts!!!

Jennifer... Dogs the dogs don't stay in yard and chases the cars.

Bruce... Parks in my spot!

Jill... Yard is so junky with old cars etc.....

Jean... Leaves there open bottle of liquor in our driveway!!!

LaRisa... Ties his German Shepherd up and let's him bark all night

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