I have recently realized I am no the only one that has heard random rumors about this home in Lake Charles. It sits at 675 Shell Beach Drive. I was young when it was first built, but I can remember a few stories about it. Before we move on with my stories, and we get to some actual more accurate ones, please understand that I am just sharing my old stories of the home because I find it humorous about how rumors can start. I do not mean to offend anyone so please don't try and call my boss and threaten to sue us. It's happened. If I had a punch card for threats of being sued for something I wrote, I'd almost have enough for a free frozen yogurt.

Earvin (Magic) Johnson
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The biggest rumor I ever heard about this beautiful home was at it was being built. Looking back at it, it was a far reach. The rumor was that Magic Johnson was building in Lake Charles. It was right around when it was discovered he had tested positive for HIV. The story was he didn't want to be in the public eye anymore and that he was coming to Lake Charles to hide in this giant home with his family. The only solid part about that a house was being built. The rest of it, not so much.

The other rumors were just about how many people were living there. Five families, a few random Lake Charles doctors, a prince from another country was even a random rumor too. What exactly is the truth?

I am in a group on Facebook called Lake Charles Historic Neighborhoods. I used to live on Bank Street and joined the group to get to know the area and learn the history of the homes around me. Someone posed the question as to what was the story on the house. Apparently, all of my solid stories were way off.

The consistent story from the comments is that the home is indeed built with three living areas separate from each other. They all join together and connect to the main part of the house. It features a massive courtyard in the middle of the home. It was build so that the owner's mother could live independently, but also be close to family. The owner also had his aunt living on the other side of the house. It features an elevator that goes down into a wine cellar, according to someone that commented that they did the A/C work in the home.

I am not trying to pry into anyone's business by writing this. It just has always been one of my favorite homes to begin with, and the stories just make it even better. I did look around and see who currently owns it. The more believable story confirms the name of the homeowners at the time. Long story short, the home is beautiful, and I want to ride in the elevator and see the wine cellar!

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