Recently I asked our Gator 99.5 friends what makes them smile. Here was some of the appreciated feedback.

Dorothy Hardy The sounds of our grandchildren laughing and the smiles on their faces.

Timothy Myers  Firing up a bike after a long work week.

Redd Kim All things good!

Michelle Pitsch My kids, music, family, Christmas, great sense of humor, great friends.

Monique Parker Your son came into my work yesterday for a burger. he made me smile.

Khristine Sowers Knowing everything in life is a gift from God.

Chrissy Arnold My kiddos! !!! No matter how down I feel they can always make me feel better and put a smile on my face.

Stefanie Dickerson Garth Brooks!

Again, I appreciate all the feedback received. For me? I would have to go with my kids, driving down a country road in Southwest Louisiana with Gator 99.5 blaring out my truck speakers, or relaxing on a pier in Galveston.

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