Interim Head Coach Aaron Kromer had this comment after yesterdays loss to the Redskins ..."We didn’t play well enough to win." What an understatement!




I have slept on it. I do realize there were some pretty bad calls. I also realize there was some horrible play on the Saints part. Not hustling off the field is inexcusable. Not crawling someones butt for not hustling is also inexcusable. I realize it was Coach Kromer's first game as a head coach. I realize he had big shoes to step into; but he has to put his big boy pants on and turn this around.

Colston also has to make the catches and hold on to the ball! He had a horrible game! The defense has to make stops! It seemed like we played the same vanilla defense most of the game. Come on Jeff! where are the different alignments, coverages, personnel packages and other changes that might have confused a rookie quarterback. Drew Brees was even a little off of his game.

When one aspect of the game if off it is usually a small correction. This looked like a total team loss which is usually attributed to coaching. Let's face it .... we missed Sean Payton's leadership yesterday.  There is good news and Drew summed it up saying "We lost the first game of the year last year and finished 13-3. We have the mentality and the guys to do it."

Well let's hope so!


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