Traffic in Lake Charles has been a real pain in the butt the last two weeks. It's due to "inspections" on the Interstate 10 bridge.

Fellas, fellas... you're wasting everyone's time! Inspecting that bridge is kind of like digging up Secretariat and expecting him to win the 2016 Triple Crown! It's a lost cause. Please stop already! It's time for plans on a new Interstate 10 Bridge.

Look, I know it's a landmark in Southwest Louisiana. Many, many, many commuters drive over the 64-year-old bridge daily. But several years ago, Travel+Leisure put together the "Most Dangerous Bridges in the Country" and do you know which one came in at Number Seven? You guessed it...

DOTD did dispute the 2013 online report. Local bridges are inspected on a two-year basis, or more frequently depending on the condition of the bridge.

I guess all we can do is wait and see what the "inspections" revealed in the near future.