Wynonna Judd has released a new video with her band, the Big Noise. "Keeps Me Alive" is Judd's first music video in 14 years.

Judd has taken a marked step away from commercial country music in recent years, teaming up with her husband and drummer Cactus Moser and the Big Noise to create a different style of music that is an intriguing, unpredictable mix of country and blues elements that showcases her soulful voice in a more natural setting.

She worked with notable Nashville director Todd Cassetty on the video for "Keeps Me Alive," which they filmed at the historic Oaklands Mansion in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, near Nashville. The video employs a muted, darker palette to create a moody feel that perfectly complements Judd's blues-soaked, sorrowful and yet hopeful vocal performance.

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The song and video also feature celebrated slide guitarist Derek Trucks, who played with the Allman Brothers Band before founding the Tedeschi Trucks Band with his wife, blues singer Susan Tedeschi. Tedeschi also appears on Wynonna and the Big Noise, as well as Jason Isbell.

Judd feels a deeply personal connection to the music she is making now.

"It's being in a darkness that is so dark that your soul cries out to get relief. Because of where I've been and the hell I've been through and just the primal, guttural cry with which I have shed many a tear over children, death, divorce, being in the music business for 37 years as part of my journey," she tells Rolling Stone Country.

" ... Have you ever watched a kid throw a tantrum, where they are not aware of where they are? They're just in their own moment, just letting it all go. I think that's what this record is for me. It's my tantrum record."

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