Before we get into this, understand that what I say from here on out could include spoilers from past seasons. This will include mentioning what happens at the end of season three as the series Jumped the Shark at the end. Don't get mad at me when I start spilling the beans on the end of season three to get us into season four. All clear?

Personally, I just finished binge watching Yellowstone over the last few weeks. I didn't get in to it until I watched a few clips from various seasons. Once I did, I was instantly hooked and totally invested in the story line. The dang show takes twists and turns every single episode leaving you with no one to trust the entire time. Well, maybe except for Rip.

Here's your final spoiler warning about the end of season three. As the season ended, every main character, it seemed, was left in a huge life of death situation. Taste of Country Nights ran across a post by Kelly Reilly that mentions her character, Beth Dutton, will make a return after she posted about riding around the Four Sixes Ranch. Kevin Costner, John Dutton, was interviewed a few times after season three's finale. Costner kept saying how season four would be a big adjustment for him. In the newest teaser for this coming season, there is a new clip from season four where Rip gets to John Dutton and yells to him not to die. That could mean that Dutton will survive the shooting, and the revenge will be centered around him.

There are still so many questions to be answered. Season three left us with John and Casey Dutton shot and left for dead. Beth has been blown away with a package bomb at her office, and Jimmie seems to have been left for dead or paralyzed from falling off of a horse back at the ranch. How will it all go? We have to wait till November to figure out exactly what happens.

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