So I was browsing through social media the other day and ran across this video of some people playing golf. I didn't have my sound up on my phone so I couldn't hear what was going on in the video.

All I saw in the video were people on a tee box on a golf course swinging their clubs and teeing off and then seeing the rest of the players duck or flinch really badly. So I thought, "What the heck is going on?'' So I cranked up my sound and that is when I saw and heard it, the World's Loudest Golf Ball. They are called Shock'd Golf Balls!

I mean when the player struck the ball with his club it sounded like a shotgun went off.  I laughed because it scared the crap out of all the other players. I play golf and I immediately thought, I got to get some of these.

I went to their website to see exactly what I just watched. That is where I found out about the company that makes these golf balls. They said on their website,

Since Golf began, we have all been pursuing the perfect shot. Watching and listening for the sight and sound of “SPEED”. After 8 months of R&D, countless long hours of strategizing, miles of red tape processes, and lots of laughs while filming, The World's Loudest Golf Ball has finally become a reality. Our family sincerely hopes that you have as much fun as we have had, along with countless others, pranking your golf buddies, surprising friends and bringing a whole lot of laughs to a very old game!!

So do you want to check it out?  Here ya go!

How funny! Golfers, now you have the ultimate prank for your friends on the course!

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