I have done a lot of fun, and weird, things in my life. I have MCed on a giant pontoon boat at a sandbar, done opening ceremonies for sports, drag strip announcer, and DJed some of the most interesting parties. Never have I ever been a model before.

The dad bod is strong with me, although I am not a dad, but I do embrace it. I was asked by Squire's in Lake Charles if I wouldn't mind being a tuxedo model for a bridal show happening at the Golden Nugget over the weekend. It's been a hot minute since I have had the occasion to dress up, so I jumped at the chance. I ran and got fitted, and Sunday was the big day. I drug two friends along with me to share in the experience. We got to the nugget and changed. There's all these fit guys standing around just nailing the tuxedo look. I just sat there hiding my dad bod behind humor, and sitting in front of a fan trying not to sweat.

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It was time. We walked out towards the floor to strut our stuff, the pretty boys went first. Next thing I know, here come the pictures from brides trying to match colors. Except that they wanted pictures of me and my other plus sized compadre, Scotty. I finally stopped and asked

Why in the world would you want pictures of us?

The answer made me smile.

My fiance' is your size and he doesn't think they even make a tux big enough for him, yet along actually look good on him.

There it was. I wear a lot of random crazy outfits. I have always loved dressing up. It never dawned on me that some guys out there just think that they cant look as good as the "pretty boys". It's hard to find clothes that fit, and especially hard to find good looking clothes that fit well. I realized that those grooms out there might see me or Scotty representing the big boy style and embrace the fact that we can all look good. It just takes a bit of confidence and a good suit sometimes.

Stay strong big fellas, walk tall and carry a sweat towel!

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