Everybody needs a date night every now and then but with life's everyday hustle and bustle, we are so busy that sometimes it is hard to squeeze in a date night with your significant other but we all know we definitely need that.

We went on social media and asked you What is the best restaurant in Lake Charles for a date night? We got a ton of responses from you so we compiled a list of the top 10 answers and compiled this list for you.

That way when you start thinking of a place you want to take the person you love out on a dinner date, you have at least 10 choices here in Lake Charles to choose from.

So we asked and now we have YOUR top 10 suggestions for the Best Restaurant in Lake Charles To Go On A Date Night in no particular order.

Villa Harlequin -- 324 Pujo St, Lake Charles, LA

Photo provided by Nicholas Perioux
Photo provided by Nicholas Perioux

Pat's Of Henderson -- 1500 Siebarth Dr, Lake Charles, LA

Cousins -- 2612 Kirkman St B, Lake Charles, LA

Chart House At The Golden Nugget --2550 Golden Nugget Blvd, Lake Charles, LA

Calla -- 1400 Market St, Lake Charles, LA


Luna -- Two locations -- 5656 Nelson Rd Suite B2 and 719 Ryan Street in Downtown Lake Charles


Ember inside L'Auberge --777 Ave L'Auberge, Lake Charles, LA

Vic And Anthony's inside The Golden Nugget --2550 Golden Nugget Blvd, Lake Charles, LA

Mazen's --217 W College St, Lake Charles, La

121 Artisan Bistro -- located at 121 Dr Michael Debakey Dr, Lake Charles, La

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Honorable mention for the folks who chimed in and said cooking on their back patio and relaxing at home. That is not a bad idea either.

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