In a huge move, video sharing giant YouTube has banned, or is beginning to ban, videos on its site that contain gun sales, gun accessories, and the manufacturing of guns. Channels that contain this content are getting "strikes" against them and are being removed without haste as they violate the new terms.

National Shooting Sports Foundation Hosts Annual Trade Show In Las Vegas
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The Google-owned company now has more clear policies on firearms related content. Some gun-related channel owners are upset, but are trying to work as fast as possible to remove content from their pages before getting banned. This is not the first time YouTube has changed their policies on gun-related videos. After the Las Vegas shooting, they banned any tutorials featuring modding weapons to automatic or simulated automatic (using a bump stock, for instance).

The new policies will officially be enforced beginning in April, but a few gun blogger channels have already been affected with the new change d ueto "repeated or severe violations."

YouTube doesn't seem to be the only privately-owned site giving the boot to gun outlets. Reddit, a social website populated by users that has sub-categories within it, has begun to ban the same types of "sub-reddits" as well.

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