It's been on Gator Country's mind since last week! How can you win Free Garth tickets from Gator 99.5? Well here's how!

This morning with Kris and Erin, you were told to listen for the Song That Scores! If you missed it, it's "Good Ride Cowboy" by the one and only Garth Brooks!

When you here that song played on Gator 99.5, be caller Number 99 to score a pair of tickets to see Garth Brooks in Houston!

Hey, I know I am in the radio business but I have goosebumps writing this post right now! I am quite the fan of the Garthster. I was sitting in the Gator 99.5 Control room with Erin when Scott Lewis ran inside, informing us the Garth was coming to Houston.

Immediately we went to work to get tickets for Gator Country.


Good luck winning your Free Garth tickets for Southwest Louisiana's Offical Garth Brooks Ticket Station, Gator 99.5!