With his World Tour making a stop in Houston next month, Kris and Erin talk with Garth Brooks tomorrow morning.

Gator 99.5 is Southwest Louisiana Offical Country Station for Garth Brooks tickets! Ask Scott Dowers of Moss Bluff why it pays to listen for the Song That Scores! Scott was caller 99 earlier with Kris and Erin and won tickets to see Garth on June 26 in Houston!

Gator Country has been going nuts after hearing that Garth will be in Houston at the end of June, beginning of July.

So... Erin and I have decided to chat with the man who is responsible for all this craziness... Garth Brooks!

Here's what Gator Country had to say.

Sarah Timpa Funderburg JEALOUS!!!

Tessa Bacon Get me an autograph!!!

Caleb LeBoeuf Garth brooks one of my favorites!!!

Jodi Maddox What. I'm so freaking jealous right now.

Scott Morgan Shut the front door!!! Have fun with that one. Supa jealous here!

Laloni Schmitz Bradberry No freaking way!! So jealous!

Amy Marie Ask him what he gets on his pizza.

Tracy Cerwonka Feeney Omg! Always LOVED him!

Jack Daniel Wall Well I wanna go see him in concert that would make my life.