Everyone who knows me knows that I am a big participant and supporter of Community Theater. I’ve been in quite a few productions in the last few years and even directed a few.  This weekend The Mines Community Theatre is putting on their production of Little Women. Because I was already involved in the dinner theatre, I did not try out for this production; however, my furniture did. I am proud to announce that my wooden bookshelf and my wife’s quilt will be making their debut performance on the stage this weekend.

The bookshelf (pictured here) was a gift from and made by my Grandad when my wife and I first got married 21 years ago, so it has a special meaning to my family. Normally my wife keeps all of her (too) many books stored on the shelf, but she agreed to part with it for a short time for the greater good. (The books are now scattered across the floor.)

The quilt was a family heirloom my wife received from her Grandmother. I don’t have a picture of it today, but written on the underside of the quilt it states that the quilt was bought by her grandmother for the price of $12 in the 1940’s. Quite a bargain, I’d say.

If you have a chance, come out to W.W. Lewis in Sulphur this weekend and enjoy a performance of Little Women. Tickets will be sold at the door and performances will be held this Friday and Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm.

By the way, the actors are pretty good too. It’s not all about my furniture!