The Saints are not involved with this one. I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief. Gregg Williams may not be so relieved. This charge stems from his days as an assistant coach with the Redskins. The alleged "bounty" injury resulted in a career ending injury and a lawsuit has been filed.


According to A former NFL player (linebacker Barrett Green) is suing the Washington Redskins, saying his career-ending knee injury resulted from a bounty program in which the team's coaches encouraged players to intentionally injure opponents. Barrett says the Dec 5th 2004 hit that resulted in his career ending injury was "unusual, outrageous and an obvious cheap shot."

There are a couple of problems with the lawsuit. Gregg Williams does not coach the offense. The play involve offensive end Robert Royal who did however play some defense under Gregg Williams in 2004.

The other issue is the statute of limitations. The only thing that could make a difference is that professional football did investigate  Williams for bounties in 2012. Who knows what a federal judge may do? Bounty Gate may not be over for Gregg Williams.