Can you believe that some people in the entertainment business don't use their natural birth name as their stage name? That would never happen in radio! We change our names to avoid bill collectors. However, some celebrities adopt a pseudonym to make them sound more marketable to the masses. How good are you at guessing the stage name of a star given only their real name? We've included a few hints to help you out including the picture that you see next to their name.

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    Margret Hyra

    She used to be cute. You might think of America Online if I were to mention her stage name.

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    Julia Elizabeth Wells

    She avoided the Nazis and like to hang out under umbrellas. Do you know her stage name?

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    Christie Lee Hudson

    If you follow sports you might have seen her picture. You might have seen her in the car on the way to Wally World too.

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    Steven Victor Tallarico

    Here lately he's been very judgmental on television. He once told you to walk this way.

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    Tara Leigh Patrick

    She's got San Diego's first name. Her last name is a Buick minus a couple of numbers.

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    Lawrence Harvey Zeiger

    His breath probably smells like garlic. That might be why he always had a big microphone between himself and his guests.

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    Mark Vincent

    His name has a number on your car. You might also put his name in your truck. .

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    Anna Mae Bullock

    She has a big voice and better legs. She is very proud but she won't answer to Mary.

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    Demetria Gene Guynes

    You can't think of making pottery without thinking of her. She also found a few good men but she couldn't keep them around.

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    Jamesetta Hawkins

    At last we've got a star you might have heard at a wedding. She might sing the blues but her voice will make you smile.