You ever have someone who is always on TV, and you can’t stand them, but they’re always showing up in your favorite shows?  Drives us crazy.  But now, thanks to one guy – quite possibly a genius – you can block the annoying people from your TV!

A Brooklyn man who works as a video producer has invented a remote control that knows when annoying people are on TV and automatically mutes the volume when they’re on!  It works by recognizing their names through your TV’s closed captioning system.  Pick the names you hate, and voila!  Instant automatic mute button.

Wait.  They’re not planning one of these for radio, are they?

Who would you want to mute?   Call us this morning at (337) 433-0499 to tell us!

Anyhoo, if you'd like to build one of these for yourself ... uh, good luck deciphering the video below.