Ah, the '90s, a crazy time of changes happening every day. The post-urban cowboy era of country music was alive and well. Bars began opening up everywhere, hosting line dance classes and contests each weekend. I can remember watching them line dance on the Lake Charles local access channel inside of Cowboys. That's right, the bar on Common Street. They'd do line dance shows on Saturday mornings and little how-to videos between songs.

A song wasn't a smash unless you could do a line dance to it. Some of the dances were the same for the songs, and some looked like a straight-up river dance had come to town. Toward the end of the '90s, line dancing had become so hot, GAP went from showing their dancers in khakis doing swing dancing to line dancing to Yoakam.

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I honestly had no clue most of these songs had line dances to them. I knew a few, but color me surprised on the rest. Most of them are based on a combination of the Canadian Stomp, Cowboy Cha Cha, and a move called Slappin' Leather. I think I will personally stick to the Cupid Shuffle. At least Cupid tells you what to do!

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