The 11th Annual Go Topless weekend is this coming weekend, May 19 . Before you get ready to shred off that shirt, keep reading. Started as an idea for Jeep owners to come together on a national level to get out and enjoy the world around them, Go Topless day has become synonymous with Jeep-related outdoor activities.

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The website describes it as a way to welcome back spring and warm weather by doing outdoor activities. Some areas in America organize trail rides, others charity events to raise money, and others sit back and enjoy the world around them on the beach.

This year, there will be a new beach added to the database on All Things Jeep. Holly Beach, the Cajun Rivera, will play host to Jeeps, owners, and clubs far and wide.  According to the official Facebook page's admin for Cajun Riviera Topless Weekend, "For too long residents of the SWLA area have gone to someone else's beach or park. We have an amazing beach and area that gets a bad name, especially after Hurricane Rita. It's time to re-inject some life back into the area and help grow it back. People are calling into rental homes and trailer park locations, renting them for 3-4 days already."

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Just to the West is one of the largest gatherings of Jeeps on a beach in the nation. Located on Crystal Beach in Texas, it started on Galveston Island. After just 2 years, they ran out of beach, forcing it to split and move to the long highway of sand located on Crystal Beach.

"We aren't trying to come in and trash the area, we are encouraging all attendees to bring trash bags and pick up more than they brought. We are bringing in dumpsters to help dispose of the trash as well thanks to a few sponsors. We have also reached out to Cameron Paris authorities and let them know our intentions, and they have been so welcoming and almost as excited as we are." The admin stated in an email when asking how they plan to combat the possible littering issue.

The Seven Slot Society of SWLA is the official sponsor of the Beach clean up on Sunday. "Whether it looks fresh or old, we are going to do our best to clean up the area from the weekend. We are so glad that the organizers are bringing this event to our own back yard in Cameron and want to see this annual event thrive and continue in the future," says President of the Seven Slot Society of SWLA Jared Chandler.

For more info on joining in the fun, visit the Official Cajun Riviera Facebook Page, you need a Jeep to attend, but it does't have to be topless. Now, put your shirt back on!

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