There was a recent story written by Lisa Addison with the American Press that will send chills down your spine. Lisa spoke with local grandparents, Kay and Larry Woodcock, who are asking for everyone's help.

Their grandkids, J.J. Vallow, 8, and Tylee Ryan, 17, have been missing since September. The grandparents have reached out to many national networks to plea for help, including telling their story to shows like 20/20, Dateline, Good Morning America, and more.

This story is one that has many concerned because it involves missing children, a couple, and multiple deaths. The children's father, Charles Vallow, was killed by his wife, Lori Vallow's, brother, Alex Cox, who was later found dead of natural causes. Lori moved to Idaho shortly after Charles' death and eventually married Chad Daybell, an author of books about religious prophecies regarding the end of the world. The children haven't been seen since September.

When authorities questioned Lori and Chad Daybell, they said the kids were in Arizona, but upon investigation, that was found to be untrue. The children's whereabouts are under open investigation by authorities in several states, including the FBI.

A $20,000 is being offered for information leading to their whereabouts. If anyone has information about J.J. Vallow or Tylee Ryan please call 208-359-3000.

For more information or how you can help and for further details on this complex story, please visit Lake Charles American Press.

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