Going on its third year now in Holly Beach. National Go Topless day has started to grow more and more each year. The even is a national day that Jeep enthusiasts recognize as it being the season to take the tops off of their jeeps, and let the sun shine in.

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This year National Go Topless Day will be May 15. The event is held on Holly Beach on the "Cajun Riviera" and is free for Jeep lovers to attend. It is open to the public, and the day will consist of music, various games, and lots of sun!

On Sunday, May 16, Lake Charles' very own Seven Slot Society of SWLA will be sponsoring the beach clean up again this year.

We have now participated in this event for our third year, and we are looking forward to this year. We, as a club, love supporting this event in our very own back yard. We want to be able to come back each and every year, and we believe that keep our area clear and clean will ensure just that. We wake up Sunday morning and pass out trash bags to our members, and those that want to help, and walk or drive the beach to pick up as much trash as we can find. Most of the time it's old stuff that was already here before we got here. It doesn't matter, as long as it gets off the beach. VP Russ Conrad

The club, and its members, say that they hand out trash bags even on the day of the event to encourage visitors to use them and not leave it behind on the beach. They also have a large "roll off" trash can donated each year at the entrance to encourage others to pick up litter and trash from the beach.

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To stay up to date with the activities going on, announcements, and any changes, you can like their Facebook Page.

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