Yesterday, we broke the news about who the New Orleans Saints will play in their first game of 2021. They will host the Green Bay Packers in the Big Easy.

Now we know the full slate of games for the black and gold. New this year is that, instead of 16 games, there will be 17 on the schedule.

The Saints will have eight regular season home games and one preseason game in the dome. They will face, of course, their NFC South foes the Falcons, Bucs, and Panthers at home but they will also have some big time games in prime-time, playing in front of a national audience.

The Saints will host the Tampa Bay Bucs on Halloween in New Orleans. You know if you mix Halloween and football in that town, it should be interesting. The Saints will host the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving night on November 26 on NBC.

The very next week, the Saints will host the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night football, which will be also broadcast on the national stage. The game will be on FOX, NFL Network, and Amazon.

Road games for the Saints this upcoming season include games with in their NFC South teams Falcons, Bucs, and Panthers but they will also hit the road to take on the Patriots, Washington, Seahawks, Titans, Eagles, and Jets.

Other than the teams we discussed earlier, the Saints will also host the Giants and Dolphins at home. Get ready football fans, the season will be here before you know it.

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