According to the American Press, a bill was started Wednesday that would let nurses, bus drivers, grocery store employees, and many other front-line workers receive a payment of $250 for staying at work during the COVID-19 quarantine.

The payout of $50 million would be sent to front-line employees who continued to work and reported at least 200 hours from March 22 through May 14. The other stipulation is that their 2019 tax return needs to be $50,000 or less. The worker would apply for the money with the state, and the Department of Revenue would verify the eligibility of the applicant.

The next question would be where the $50 million dollars should come from for the payments to the workers. Republican leaders want the aid to come out of the $500 million that was set aside to aid in local reimbursement for government expenses. Democrats want to pull it from $300 million designated for small business grants.

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