Last week, we talked about a poll that showed the top reason people love Thanksgiving is the time off from work.

Well, I think most of us would change our tune if we had these workplace perks in our company!  Of course you won't find these here in the USA, you gotta move overseas to get all the cool jobs.

4 Amazing Work Perks We Don't Have In The USA:

Couch Potato

1.  In Europe, you can tell your boss to stick 49+ hours where the sun don't shine!  Because in the European Union, there's something called Working Time Directive.  And your boss can only schedule you over 48 hours if you agree to it first!

Lazy man sleeping instead of working
Zoonar RF, ThinkStock

2.  In Japan, you can fall asleep at your desk or in the middle of repairing a road and they are totally cool with it.  This is seen as an act of diligence, because your showing your job is more important by staying and not going home.  Check this out, it's so common, they made a word for it.

"Inemuri" literally means "sleeping on duty."

New message
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3.  France passed a law last year that says you can ignore work emails when you're not on the clock.  It's called "right to disconnect," and it's supposed to reduce stress.  But it probably ticks your boss off and raises his/her stress level, which some employees would cherish this moment.

Handsome man relaxing in sauna

4.  In Finland, a lot of business meetings happen in saunas.  Don't not adjust your screen, you are reading this correctly!  They're such a huge fixture in their culture a lot of big corporations have their own saunas rooms in their offices.  I wonder if it's coed?

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