Starting November 1st, join Ryan Keith in his weight loss journey as he will give us an inside look at his successes and failures.

Hey guys, it's Ryan.  I've been wanting to loose weight for a years, but I haven't had the will power to do it.  I am tired of being tired.  I'm tired of having trouble bending over to pick up the football when my son and I are throwing in the backyard.  I am tired of having to special order my clothes.

With your help I will reach my goals, and together we can celebrate the change in my life.  I am also sending out an open invitation to anyone who would want to take the first steps in their life of getting healthier.  We will use each other for motivation in this journey!

Please join me and become my accountability partner!  I'm going to release a weekly volg style video on Gator's YouTube page.  It will show my meal prep, what I am doing for exercise, etc.  Also, throughout the week I will be writing articles on our website chronicling my journey.

I want to hear about your successes and failures along the way.  Let's build a community for healthier fathers and mothers, healthier sons and daughters, healthier SWLA residents!

Below is my first video, giving an introduction to the series.  Enjoy!

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