Well, November 1st is here and ready or not, it's time for me to take my weight loss journey.  I hope you will join me so we can share our successes and failures together, and create a healthier SWLA!

Here's my before the diet picture.

Ryan Keith

In my vlog, I discuss the diet choice that I am taking and how I have done it before with mixed results, but I truly feel it's the best diet for me, not only to achieve my goal of weight loss, but one that I believe I can make a life change with.

I show you my last carb-loaded meal in the vlog, and we talk about how I'm going forward from here.

Ryan Keith

The lighting in the restaurant was dim, but when I took a photo with the flash, it totally whitewashed everything.  Anyway, I love sushi, and I'm going to miss it greatly.  I know I can still eat just the fish, but I love my sushi with sticky rice.

Ryan Keith

If I was going to carb load for my last meal, then it had to be hibachi!  Not only do I love Asian food, but the spiced butter that this restaurant uses is absolutely amazing!

Join me on this journey, and let's do it together!

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