"When it rains it pours” should be the motto of the Gulf Coast. The summer has just began and it’s a bummer with the excessive amounts of rain we’re getting. The way it’s been raining here lately makes you want to vacation out on the Pacific Coast for the remainder of the summer.

Let’s face it, there aren’t but five things you can do when the rain in Louisiana just won’t go away.

  • kzenon / Think Stock
    kzenon / Think Stock


    It’s raining so bad outside that there’s nothing else for you to do, but stay in. It’s the perfect time for you to flex your skills in the kitchen and cook up a big pot of gumbo. Maybe you prefer chilli, or some cool Italian dish will go over well with the family. Whatever it is, make enough, just in case it rains for a few days and you’re stuck in the house because the roads in your city flood after just 3 inches of rain. Go figure.

  • BartekSzewczyk / Think Stock
    BartekSzewczyk / Think Stock

    Binge Watch Your Favorite Series

    While that gumbo is on the stove simmering you can plop down on the couch and catch up on your favorite shows you’re behind on.

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    Getty Images

    Playing Games

    There’s always "Call of Duty," or if the power goes out, light some candles and break out the board games and try not to kill each other when dad starts cheating.

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    Creates / Think Stock


    Let’s face it, being stuck in the same house with your kids or siblings will drive you nuts after a while. After the cabin fever begins to set in, a pillow fight breaks out. The result of that usually ends with mom fussing at all parties involved. 9 out of 10, dad is usually the instigator in the shenanigans.

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    Monkey Business Images Ltd / Think Stock

    Grown Up Activities

    Surprise, you have another kid on the way! Your bad!

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