If it's past midnight and you're at a Waffle House, chances are you are not very sober. If it's 4:00am and you're at a Waffle House, you've either made a ton of bad decisions leading you up to that point, or you're a stripper getting off of work.

In this case, I am going with the fact this group had just finished making a few poor decisions, but wanted to sing Luke Combs at the top of their lungs randomly. Now, I would be a total liar if I told you I have never lead a choir of drunks in a restaurant to sing random songs. It's a great way to pass the time while you wait on your order. This little sing-a-long was posted by Combs through his Instagram account of an entire Waffle House screaming out Beer Never Broke My Heart while the poor Waffle House servers work their way around the wannabe singers.

Are you really living your best life if you're not drunk singing inside of a Waffle House?

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