You may or may not know that I DJ and MC weddings from time to time. It's something I have been doing since way before radio. I am a total sucker for weddings and love to be able to share such a unique day alongside families being joined together. We get to cut up and celebrate a special day, but you also get to see unique decorations and traditions along the way.

I have been DJing weddings for almost 20 years now, off and on. I have seen a lot of things happen during the receptions and ceremonies. One time, they lost the groom at Prien Lake Park right before the ceremony. He was 30 minutes late when they found him, as he had drunk a bit too much and was puking off the dock before falling in the water. The best man had to give him his tuxedo for the actual ceremony. I have seen a former male stripper give the groom, his brother, an entire lap dance that would make Magic Mike jealous.

Buddy Russ

This weekend, I was called to do a wedding in DeQuincy. Now, I didn't really know the couple getting married, but I was super excited to do a real wedding in over a year. As I am waiting for the ceremony to begin, I see this giant man with the most glorious mullet, permed, just blowing in the wind. A mullet that would have made Kenny G and Michael Bolton jealous. It was possibly the most perfect thing on this earth, and the Lord had blessed my eyes by allowing me to bask in its glory.

As I was looking around the rest of the room, I noticed this unique cake sitting off to the side. It was the groom's cake. Dear reader, it had a mullet. Suddenly, I put two and two together. The man with the golden locks was the groom and this cake was him. As I was staring at the cake, I could hear Bald Eagles and Z28 Camaros revving in the background. It was possibly the most glorious thing I have ever seen.

Buddy Russ

The ceremony was beautiful. The bride looked amazing despite having to compete with her groom's locks of love, and we partied all night. Congrats once again to Johnathan "JG" and Kayla Gearen on their beautiful wedding, and thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. By the way, I had a piece of cake. It tasted like freedom.

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