True love is simply in the eye of the beholder. In this case, perhaps it's in the pipe? Duane Johnson (not the rock, but a rock was involved), removed his wife from her nursing home, despite the advice from her doctors. Debra (the wife), said she didn't want to die in a nursing home. She wanted to live out the rest of her short time at home.

Now, that in itself, seems like the beginnings of a romantic "old people" love story. She dies in his arms in their home they lived in for years, raised kids, etc. It's close to that story, if that story also involved meth, Quiet Riot's Mental Health, and some sweet love making.

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Duane called the police to report his wife had passed away. As police arrived, they found Duane at the door naked, and screaming that she was dead. Police also noticed the words "Death Parde God Hell" spray painted on the front door. What in the world happened? Were they vandalized?

Duane had succeeded in throwing his wife Deb one heck of a "death party". They took methamphetamine, spray painted the door, Deb stopped taking her medications, and just before she passed, Duane and Deb laid together (in the biblical sense) one last time.


Now, take this story as you see. 2 crazy old people out of their minds on drugs, or maybe just super unconventional life styles that the world sees as crazy. No, I'm not saying it was ok to do meth, but MINUS that part, it is sorta sweet (in a weird way). Deb really wanted to die at home, and Duane was the only one that would listen to her plea.

Duane has been arrested for possession, and a few other things, with his bail set at $250,000.