We have visitors all of the time here at the Gator Studio, from local celebrities, mayors, and country music stars. Today marks another special guest off of the list, a penguin. Moody Gardens stopped by this morning and introduced us to Mr. San Juan, the penguin.Yes, he was wearing his tuxedo.

IMG_1433 (1)

San Juan waddled around the station like he owned the place and even stopped just long enough to take a few pictures with myself and Mike Soileau. San Juan came to tell us about the brand new exhibits at Mood Gardens including the Gulf of Mexico Rig Exhibit, the Jellyfish Gallery, Mangrove Lagoon, and the Flower Garden Banks. He really "flapped" on about the exhibit he is most proud of, the Humbolt Penguin Habitat. Being a Humbolt Penguin himself, of course this was his favorite subject! The exhibits are open now, and if you'd like to go see San Juan and his friends at Moody Gardens, head over to the Mood Gardens Website to purchase tickets and plan your trip that guarantees to be memorable!

If you'd like to see the video from this morning's shenanigans, head on over to the Gator 99.5 Facebook page and leave us a comment about how absolutely adorable San Juan is!


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