Certainly a dark day for a lot of people as we discover the death of Leslie Jordan. The Los Angeles Times reported that Leslie Jordan was involved in a fatal car accident this (Monday) morning. There were no furth details provided at this time.

Jordan moved to Hollywood in 1982 and began acting on television in shows including "The Fall Guy", "Designing Women", and "The People Next Door". Jordan had a heck of a career run in the 80s and on into the 90s as Beverley Leslie on "Will and Grace".

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Jordan once again made his move to almost be the spokesperson for everyone enduring the situation locked inside their homes with a simple phrase.

From just that simple phrase, Jordan was back on the scene and speaking out all of our own frustrations for us. Jordan would begin to share his own stories about the pandemic, his career, and his dark past as a way to kill time while being quarantined.

After the pandemic was over, Jordan got back out onto the streets and his career blossomed yet again becoming a representative for the gay community and getting back to his southern gospel roots by making an album featuring some of his favorite hymns with famous singers.

Jordan's last post was on Instagram for his "Sunday Hymn Singing" alongside Danny Myrick as he sings "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder".

He will certainly be missed but fans young and old. We hope he's looking down and smiling knowing how many lives he touched throughout his own life.

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