For over a year, we have been living with restrictions, quarantining, and adhering to the guidelines set forth to us by the government. We started with a stay-at-home order where folks were locked down in their homes for weeks.

Then, as things started to open up a little bit, bars in Southwest Louisiana and all over Louisiana were still forced to stay closed. After monthly press conferences from the Louisiana Governor for almost a year, we were in either Phase One or Phase Two restrictions.

Phase One and Two restrictions kept bars closed for almost a year, and if that wasn't hard enough for them to survive while being closed, add two hurricanes to the mix that powered through Southwest Louisiana. What we are trying to say is they needed a break.

Just a few weeks, ago Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards moved Louisiana to Phase 3 which finally allowed bars to open back up for the first time since February of 2020 but they still had restrictions.

They were allowed to open but could only serve alcohol until 11:00pm each night, essentially causing them to close early. You know, why would a bar stay open past 11:00pm if they can't serve the one product they offer?

Yesterday, Governor Edwards had a press conference and bar owners started smiling when they learned the 11:00 pm curfew on alcohol sales is over. Now Louisiana bars can serve alcohol until they close. In the city limits, that is 2:00am but outside the city limits, that is all night long.

We finally have some relief for the local bar owners in Louisiana as they are now free to open up and serve, so all we have to say is cheers, y'all.

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