For those following this season of American Idol, the evening when the Top 10 contestants embark on "Disney Night" was surely something to look forward to. This particular evening, held on Easter Sunday (Apr. 21) had the hopefuls trying their chops on Disney classics in front of judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

A country standout, Laci Kaye Booth, was given "I See the Light" from Tangled, a movie that featured a wide-eyed heroine with long masses of blond hair almost (well, give or take a few feet) like Booth's own mane. Booth delivered the magic, aside from her princess-y physical appearance, confidently handling the song of revelation and awakening.

Judge Bryan was lavish in his approval. "Laci, like, you're becoming, like, a Disney princess in front of our eyes," he raved. "You just have an incredible knack to make every song yours. And your subtle delivery is so real and honest. I felt like I was at a real, live show just then. Great job!"

Judge Richie was quick to join with praise. "You have the amazing ability," he said. "If ever there were a perfect song for you, that was a perfect song. Perfect delivery. And I'm just going to tell you: Enjoy where you are right now, my dear, because you're on a roll."

"I agree with Luke on so many different things. I think you really made this song your own. Your voice has got its own stamp and texture. It's so instantly identifiable," judge Perry noted, adding, "And you look like a true Disney princess. You have obviously stolen Cinderella's shoes."

America's votes sent Booth through to the Top 8, so it looks as if like Booth will not lose her glass slipper at midnight (yet!).

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