Easter Sunday is a time to reflect on all that is good in one's life, and Loretta Lynn has shared this year a special and sweet memory that proves the superstar has been grateful every step of her journey.

When asked by a friend as to what Easter meant to her personally, Lynn noted on Facebook that it is foremost about God's love for her. But then, she went into an amazing story of her humble upbringings in Butcher Holler, Ky.

Many of us look forward to dressing up on Easter, and Lynn was no different. Although her large family had very little money, her mother always found a way to create a special outfit for Lynn. "I could hardly wait with expectation, knowing that my mommy was making me the prettiest of flour sack dresses I'd get all year," Lynn explains. "For Easter, she went the extra mile with every bit of frill and beauty she could add to it. Some years, when she could scrap it together, somehow, I'd get a pair of sandals to match.

"It's hard for folks to understand what it was really like back then, way back in the holler. I wore those flour sack Easter dresses to Sunday School and church like I was the Queen of England," she elaborates. "I was so happy and so thankful and so proud.

"I tell you the truth that to this day, I think those dresses were more beautiful to me than any designer ballgown I've ever worn. Mommy made them with love and that's something I'll never forget. For me, Easter is God's love, redemption, forgiveness, new starts, and pretty little flour sack Easter dresses in the back hills of Kentucky."

Lynn recently celebrated her 86th birthday (Apr. 14), which was celebrated with a special Nashville show that brought together more than 20 of Music City's most legendary and up-and-coming stars to pay homage to her legacy.

Happy birthday, Loretta!

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