Born in 1983, I consider '90s country to be my style. From working in my parents' garage, fishing with dad, or throwing bails of hay with my uncle, this is what we listened to. Dad and I would sing Tim McGraw's Indian Outlaw at the top of our lungs. The '90s made some multiple hit legends but also paved the way for some amazing one-hit wonders that are still amazing today as they were when they first came out!

Rick Diamond
Rick Diamond

A few of these artists listed went on to be country music giants. The rest I feel are shamefully underrated and had even more hits on their albums that never made it into the mainstream of radio. Perhaps if they had access to the technology we have today with being able to stream everything at our fingertips, their stories might have changed.

Take a look and see if you think I am on the right track with the Top 10 Country Music Artists of the '90s.

Top 10 Country Music Artists of the '90s

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